Calm Like You

This song is written from the perspective of a man who is looking back on a relationship he once had that began moving too fast and in the wrong direction. He can still remember what it felt like to be caught up in such powerful emotions. He told the girl about every single emotion he was feeling, no matter whether it was good or bad. This ended up hurting her more than was needed. In reality, all he had to do was break up with her, but he allowed her to keep him in the relationship and take control over him. As he looks back, he can’t help but thinking that if he had only thought rationally about the situation instead of allowing his emotions to overpower him he would have been able to see that the two of them were no good for each other. He was creating high expectations for the relationship, while all the while he knew full well that those expectations could never possibly be reached. He wants the relationship to work out, so he tries over and over again to fix things. He tries to change everything, while really the only thing that will make things better for the two of them is to break up.

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“Calm Like You” contains each of the standard instruments that are generally found within songs, such as guitar, bass, and drums, but it also contains what sound to be multiple brass instruments. The song begins with a rhythm being softly played by the drums. As the drums continue to grow progressively louder, they are joined by brass instruments, and are soon followed by the first verse of the song. The music is arranged in a way that comes across as peppy but yet heavy, slightly reminiscent of something that might have been played by a swing band from the 60s.

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