My Mistakes Were Made For You

Even though it is often recognized as one the most popular songs off of The Last Shadow Puppet’s debut album, “My Mistakes Were Made For You” peaked on the UK Singles Chart at only number 81 in 2008.
It was rumored that Turner and Kane received inspiration for the song “My Mistakes Were Made For You” from “The Old Man’s Back Again”, a song that can be found on Scott Walker’s album “Scott 4”. Scott Walker wrote his song in 1969 about his disgust of Joseph Stalin’s repressive control.

This song written by The Last Shadow Puppets can be interpreted as referring to a girl, but it could also be interpreted as referring to a subject much bigger than that. The speaker is perhaps instead referring to destiny or the choices that he has made within his life. If the song is looked at with the latter interpretation in mind, Turner and Kane may be trying to communicate something along these lines:

Even from the beginning of the song, the speaker says that everything turns out to happen for a specific reason – even the worst mistakes that you may make in life happen for some sort of reason. During the worst sections of his life, destiny takes over and he begins to realize exactly why the things that have occurred happened the way they did. And when things are going well he understands that there is absolutely no assurance that things will remain as good as they are in that current moment. He says that everyone goes through the exact same experiences at some point or another in their lives. But when they do end up going down that path we run away as fast as we can, unwilling to help them in the least. He goes on to say that we cannot choose for anything we do to go our way because our destiny has been established from the very beginning. We will never be able to escape the choices that we have made, and there is therefore no way to get around them. We will eventually have to accept everything for what it is and find a way to deal with it.


This song is one of the softer and slower-paced songs on The Last Shadow Puppets’ album. Subtle sounds of an orchestra can be heard during each verse. The strings progress with a slightly increased sense of urgency as the song nears to an end.

The music video for the song opens with Alex Turner and his real life girlfriend Alexa Chung passed out inside a car that has crashed. Turner is seen walking down a street at night and passes Kane who is propped against another car playing guitar. Turner and Kane then come to a small, lighted gazebo where they can both been seen playing guitar for a fraction of the song. The video ends with Alexa Chung walking down the same street where Turner passed Kane, with her back to the camera. In 2009, “My Mistakes Were Made For You” won an award for best video at the New Musical Express Awards Show.

In October of 2008, The Last Shadow Puppets released a US-only EP containing 8 songs. Like their other releases, this disc, too, was released on Domino Records. The EP includes an original version of “My Mistakes Were Made for You”, along with an acoustic version of the same song. The EP also contains acoustic versions of “The Age of the Understatement,” “Standing Next To Me,” and “The Meeting Place.”

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