Only The Truth

“Only The Truth” is a song detailing a woman who could be best described as a maneater. The speaker warns against making eye contact with her because she will begin to take over without a second thought. The girl is very calculated about everything she decides to do, and she grows more seductive with every move that she makes. Like a black widow, she stalks out her prey, slowly drawing them into her unforgiving web that will prove to be their demise. She uses the way she dresses to stop everyone in their tracks and to lure men with temptation and attraction. The girl has used every trick in the book, and her numerous strategies make it difficult to pinpoint what exactly might be in store for the future. Even when she is in a committed relationship she places her own interests and feelings above anyone else’s emotions or concerns.

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With its numerous instruments and orchestral background, “Only The Truth” gives off a slightly Egyptian feel. Combined with the Western clip-clop sounds that can be heard both during and between verses, the noises within the song do well to intertwine with the caustic descriptions of the girl to express the sense of foreboding experienced by her male victims. The song ends with the orchestra playing a fast-paced melody that turns into a sound similar to the buzzing of a bee. A group of male screams can be heard at the very end, as if the woman’s prey has finally gotten caught within her web of seduction.

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