The Meeting Place

Alex Turner and Miles Kane wrote the song “The Meeting Place” from the perspective of a person looking back on a relationship with a feeling of nostalgia after a difficult breakup. For one reason or another, they two were separated from each other. He tries to move on with his life by attempting to explore different directions of the world. He forces his mind to think about anything but her because he does not want to create new wounds when he has just finished re-bandaging the old ones. The speaker says that the further the year progresses, the further away from him she becomes. He is beginning to have regrets about all of the time that they had spent together. No matter what he tries, he cannot seem to get her out of his mind. She seeps into his thoughts during every moment both night and day. He keeps returning in his mind to the place where they spent so much time together, which has become both a place of beauty and a place of anguish for him. He can’t sleep at night because he fears she will show up in his dreams to drag him back into his torment. They were in a relationship for only a couple of weeks, and they knew that it would have to end sooner or later. In the end, the girl was the one to break off the relationship, and the guy was left heartbroken because he still had strong feelings left for her. Perhaps the girl ended up passing (which would help to better explain the line about how time is harsh and knowing that it would have to end). This would also help to better explain the meaning behind “The Time Has Come Again”. He dreams that she comes to him and tells him that she is sorry that they ever got together because she sees what it has done to him and how it has changed him. He also dreams that she tells him she is sorry she had to leave. He is sorry for the same reasons; he is sorry that they ever got together because he does not like how this relationship has taken over every single moment of his life. But he is also sorry that she ever left because he does still have such strong emotions for her. He is torn between these two feelings. As a result, he becomes extremely obsessive, continuously going back and forth between those two mind-sets.

The song begins with higher-pitched sounds from the orchestra, followed by notes from a brass instrument and chords from a guitar. The orchestra and guitar follows throughout the song. While the music alone could be described as fairly animated, the song’s lyrics give the melody a more bitter-sweet feel. “The Meeting Place” concludes with a string of harmony from the orchestra, creating the upsetting feeling that a love has recently been lost forever.

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