I Don't Like You Any More

Much like the title suggests, the song “I Don’t Like You Anymore” tells the story of a guy who does not like the girl that he is dating in the same way that he once did. He has already fallen for her once, yet he somehow also falls for her once again. All he has realized after this second time around is that he feels the same way about her that he did the first time. She has tried to convince him that she has finally changed for the better this time, but can he finally see through her façade. The speaker explains that his girlfriend is nowhere near the perfect girl that she has claimed to be and that she is actually falling right back into the person that she was in the first relationship. He decides that he won’t let her do this to herself and their relationship, but at this point he finds himself becoming annoyed with her very easily. What he once found attractive about her he now finds to be absolutely repulsive. She has trapped him in a labyrinth. He cannot find a way out because he has been there far too long. The speaker finally decides that he is completely finished with their relationship and that he will never again let her into his heart. He has once and for all lost interest in her for good.

“I Don’t Like You Anymore” is the one song off of “The Age of the Understatement” that sounds the least like the others. It is one of the only two songs off the album that contains sections where the guitar is not played in chords. Instead, the guitar is slowly played one string at a time. The first verse is sung with only the guitar strings and another small sound being played in the background. When the chorus comes in, the song immediately switches to a very fast tempo with drums, bass, and guitar chords. The song ends with the strings of an electric guitar being scratched by a pick.

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