The Time Has Come Again

The song “The Time Has Come Again” is a magnificent end to The Last Shadow Puppets’ album. It can be interpreted as the sequel to the previous song, “The Meeting Place”. The song is told from the same perspective as the previous song, but this time the man has grown older. He is probably an elderly man at this point. He goes back to the place where he and his love had once spent so much time together. He has gone there may times after he finally mustered up the strength to face that fateful part of his life. Little by little, he walks down the steps to the place where she would have been waiting for him so many years ago. He wishes to himself that he was seventeen again so that he could relive his memory in reality. He waits for awhile, soaking in the scene, secretly hoping that something will finally change for him. He has been hung up on that small section of his life for years upon years and has never been able to move on, though none of his family and friends know that he still so heartbroken about her death. After all of the times he has returned to this place, he has tried to train himself to be calm. But like so many instances before, he loses his grip on the situation and begins to cry again. He pictures himself sitting there in the moonlight with his love like they did so long ago. She would always leave him too soon when they were together, and she again left him too soon when she passed away. He realizes that the only thing that he has left of her are his memories and the notes that she had written to him.

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“The Time Has Come Again” is the second of the two songs off of “The Age of the Understatement” that contains sections where the guitar is played string by string. The guitar in the song suggests that Turner and Kane were attempting to create a more soulful, earthy vibe, like musicians such as Jack Johnson and Donavon Frankenreiter create within their music. The singer’s voice can be heard softly echoing in the background. The soft guitar playing and quiet singing, coupled with beautiful violin sounds, work to complete the poignant ambiance that Turner and Kane constructed with their moving lyrics.

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