The Chamber

“The Chamber” was the first song that The Last Shadow Puppets ever created together. This song is about the regret someone holds after he has had to make a difficult decision. The speaker is saying that it is torture being stuck within his mind for such a lengthy amount of time. He has nowhere to go and cannot get out of this cycle of blame that he has created for himself within his mind. The chamber that he refers to within the song is a metaphor for his mind. He has second guessed himself for a decision he made awhile back and has continuously been haunted and tormented by it. He has cornered himself, but he is beginning to admit that he was the one to lay the foundation for his thoughts in the first place. The only thing that he can concentrate on is playing back old conversations and arguments, attempting to see where things went wrong to begin with. This eventually ends up getting him nowhere, and he simply ends up right where he started, blaming himself for everything.

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A piano is played for the first few seconds of “The Chamber”, having a sound much like the sound of falling water droplets. Drums then kick in with a firm rhythm, and the song soon begins. Most of this song is sung in interchanging sections by both Turner and Kane, but they rarely sing in unison. The last roughly 48 seconds of the song contains ghostly sounds such as those that would be played in the background of perhaps a paranormal or supernatural movie. The noises are a great addition to the already cryptic lyrics of “The Chamber”. The up-tempo beat combined with the eerie tones within the song follows along the same lines of the themes within “If You Were There, Beware,” a song written by Arctic Monkeys.

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