Standing Next To Me

The second single from “The Age of the Understatement”, “Standing Next To Me”, gained its peak position on the UK Top 40 at number 30. The video was shot and compiled by director Richard Ayoade in London. The video is rather simply put together; the first half consists only of Turner and Kane singing at a microphone. Turner plays a tambourine while Kane plays a guitar. The camera is zoomed back and forth, showing the name of the band on the floor and the rest of the background and foreground in shadow as they sing. The camera then pans to a group of girls dancing on a striped, black and white floor, wearing pig tails and striped dresses. Although each of the girls looks relatively similar due to their blonde hair, each of their leggings is a different color.

“Standing Next To Me” centers around two guys. One of the guys (the one who is speaking) has a girlfriend while the other one (the one who is being spoken to) wants to steal her away from him. Two years have gone by and the guy is still trying to steal his girlfriend, but he has failed to get anywhere with his attempts. The guy who is dating the girl is not fooled, though. He knows that she would never try to leave him for someone else. He basically says that the guy that is in love with his girlfriend is acting very childish and the guy’s feelings are juvenile because he barely even knows her. He says that he will someday look back on the situation and realize how naïve he was actually acting. The boyfriend says that it is unlikely that his girlfriend will even remember who he is a few years down the road. Only once he realizes that the girl is unobtainable and therefore ends all of his desires for her will he look at the situation with an unbiased view and realize that he never had a chance with her in the first place.


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In the song, Turner and Kane continuously switch singing duties, but they do so in such an elegant way that it becomes difficult to decipher the exact moments that they exchange roles. The background noises are composed of multiple instruments, providing an all-around darker atmosphere for the song.

An acoustic version of “Standing Next To Me” can be found on “My Mistakes Were Made For You”. The acoustic version is very well composed, unlike some acoustic songs created by other bands. Other than it being played with an acoustic guitar, the only differences between the two songs is that the guitar can be heard with more detail, and the tempo is slowed down a fraction of a second in the acoustic version. The original version of this song can also be found on the EP entitled “Standing Next To Me”. The EP was released in June of 2008, just 2 months after the release of The Last Shadow Puppet’s debut album. The disc also includes the never-before released songs “Hang the Cyst,” “Gas Dance,” and “Sequels”.

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