Separate And Ever Deadly

“Separate And Ever Deadly” follows the same theme as the rest of the songs in the album; each song has to do with a relationship, whether it has gone wrong in some way or another, or some outside force is attempting to interfere with a good thing. In this case, the theme follows the first example. He tells of the way life was when he was in a relationship. He says everything was better and the world around him was far more appealing. Now that they are no longer together, the city has nothing to give to him, and he is easily annoyed by every single person that he passes on the street. His emotions have been caused by someone else recently coming into the picture, slowly tearing their relationship apart. He knows that the end will soon follow, but he continues to hold on to anything and everything that he has left until she finally leaves him for the other guy. After she leaves him, they continue to have conversations with each other. He doesn’t want her to talk about how well her new relationship is going, but she doesn’t have to say anything because he can already tell. And although this new man has not directly done anything to him, he has ruined his relationship by getting in the way.

The song begins with one of the duo’s voices. Less than a half of a second later, the music starts up, and a guitar chord is strummed. Likewise, similar sounding guitar chords are strummed intermittently throughout the whole song. At slightly under half way through the song, all sounds stop completely. Nothing but silence is heard for one or two seconds. At first listen, it is almost as if a new song starts when the music kicks back in with the next verse. Each instrument picks up speed during the last verse, but then returns to normal at the start of the last repetition of the chorus.

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